Bulent Arikan

Assistant Professor of Archaeology, Eurasia Institute of Earth Sciences, Istanbul Technical University

Bülent Arıkan received his PhD in Anthropology from Arizona State University (2010). His research interests are the rise of social complexity in the ancient Near East, paleoclimatic change, geoarchaeology, ancient human-environment relationships, and agent-based modeling of human socioecosystems where complex adaptive patterns between climate, environment, and human decision–making are tested through computer–based simulations. Arıkan worked as a member of interdisciplinary research teams that work in Jordan, Spain, and Turkey. He is at the Department of Evolution and Ecosystem in the Eurasia Institute of Earth Sciences at Istanbul Technical University where he is carrying out research and teaching graduate courses related to human behavioral ecology, spatial analyses, and geographical information systems. His current research projects include major archaeological sites such as Aşıklıhöyük (Aksaray), Arslantepe (Malatya) as well as regional projects such as Sinop (in the Black Sea) and Osmaniye (in the Mediterranean). He is also the Coordinator for the Middle and Late Bronze Age volume of Turkey’s Archaeological Settlements (TAY), which is an online and published database.