Jackie Rodriguez - Class of 2018

DHi CLASS Scholar, Hamilton College

Jackie Rodriguez is a member of the class of 2018 from Orlando, FL majoring in Government and minoring in Anthropology at Hamilton College. She is currently working with Professor John Bartle of the Russian Studies department on The Refugee Project— a project that has been ongoing for multiple years now. The focus of the project is on collecting oral histories of the various refugees settling in Utica, NY and archiving these stories digitally through the means of transcriptions and video. On top of the oral history component of The Refugee Project, Jackie and Professor Bartle are in the midst of sifting through microfilm of Utica’s past Observer Dispatch articles to find any articles related to refugees or the Refugee Center. The project shall result in a digital archive where oral histories and articles can be easily accessed by any scholar pursuing research on Refugees. Passionate about religion, community, and culture, Jackie has found her interests deeply imbedded within the project. She hopes to further her skills in creating and examining metadata as she continues on with her research. 

Jackie's student reflections essay can be found at: http://dhinitiative.org/students/class/rodriguez