Max Lopez - Class of 2014

DHi CLASS Scholar, Hamilton College

Max Lopez is a rising sophomore and archaeology major at Hamilton College. Having been interested in archaeology since a very young age, Max now works with Professor Nathan Goodale on a site in the Slocan Valley of British Columbia. The site consists of a series of pit houses or winter homes for the Native Americans that inhabited it. Max, who has been working with and learning 3D digital modeling software over the summer, will visit the site and using GPS/GIS technology will map the pit houses. After that he hopes to create an accurate to life 3D reconstruction of the site that can be walked through and interacted with. Not only will this reconstruction aid in research as a cost effective alternative to a physical reconstruction of the site but it will also be a new way to get the public involved in the research. Archaeology is a field defined by advancing technology and Max looks to use his knowledge of 3D modeling to continue pushing the field forward in new ways and staying ahead of the curve.After his time as a DHi Student Fellow, Max was accepted into graduate school at both the University of Cambridge and Oxford University.