Guest Speaker

Guest speakers for DHi's Speaker Series

David Germano, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Religious Studies, University of Virginia

David Germano teaches and researches Tibetan and Buddhist Studies at the University of Virginia, and is director of SHANTI (Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts Network of Technological Initiatives,, the Tibetan and Himalayan Library (, THL), and the Tibet Center ( His personal scholarship focuses on the history of Tibetan culture and religion from the ninth to fourteenth century with a special focus on esoteric religious movements.

Mike Winiski

Associate Director, Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), Furman University

As Associate Director of Furman's Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), Mike collaborates with faculty to design courses and assignments as well as identify and shape technologies to support strategic and course learning goals. He also teaches interdisciplinary courses including Geographic Information Systems (GIS), First Year Seminars, and E-merging Learning Technologies and supports spatial learning initiatives across the campus.

Doug Reside, Ph.D.

Digital Curator for the Performing Arts, New York Public Library

Doug Reside became Digital Curator for the Performing Arts at New York Public Library in January of 2011 after serving for four and a half years on the directorial staff of the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH) at the University of Maryland in College Park. He holds a BS in Computer Science and a BA, MA, and Ph.D. in English Literature.

Stan Ruecker, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Design, Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago

Stan Ruecker is an Associate Professor of Design at the Institute of Design in the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. Stan holds advanced degrees in English, Humanities Computing, and Design, and has expertise in the design of experimental interfaces to support online browsing tasks.

Kathryn Tomasek, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of History, Co-Director, Wheaton College Digital History Project, Wheaton College

Kathryn Tomasek teaches nineteenth-century U.S. and U.S. women's history at Wheaton College in Massachusetts, where she is Co-Director of the Wheaton College Digital History Project. She has written analog historical studies focused on women and children in Fourierist communities, tattoos in a children's story by Lydia Maria Child, and looking for feminist utopia in the novels of Louisa May Alcott. This year, she is Project Director for Encoding Financial Records, which was awarded a Digital Humanities Start-Up Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.