DHi Speaker Series 2013-2014

DHi Speaker & Lecture Series Theme 2013-2014: "Women, Feminism and Digital Humanities"

DHi Lecture & Workshop Series 2013-2014
“Women, Feminism and Digital Humanities"

Spring 2014

DHi Speaker Series Spring 2014

11-12 February 2014
Dr. Adeline Koh, Assistant Professor, Richard Stockton College
Lecture: “Postcolonial Digital Humanities: Concepts and Challenges” (Feb. 11th, 4:10pm, KRJH 127)
Workshop: “The Rewriting Wikipedia Project” (Feb. 12th, 12pm, DHi @ CJ); Co-Sponsor: American Studies Program
13-14 March 2014
Dr. Marla Jaksch, Assistant Professor, The College of New Jersey (Networked Faculty Fellow, DHi)
Lecture: “Hakuna Kama Mama: Using Digital Storytelling to Address Maternal Health in Tanzania” (March 13, 4:10pm, KRJH 127)
Workshop: “How to Support Community Engagement Using Digital Tools” (March 14, 12pm, DHi @ CJ); Co-Sponsor: Women’s Studies Dept.
17-18 April 2014
Dr. Dene Grigar, Associate Professor, Washington State University 
Lecture: “Cyberfeminism 2.0,” (April 17th, 4:10pm, KRJH 127)
Workshop: “Electronic literature and how to teach it” (April 18th, 12pm, DHi @ CJ); Co-Sponsor: Women’s Studies Dept. & American Studies Program
1-2 May 2014
Dr. Kim Miller, Associate Professor, Wheaton College
Lecture: "Memory and Mourning in the Digital World and the 'Space Outside': Locating Feminist Political Voices in South Africa's Memorial Landscape” (May 1, 4:10pm, KRJH 127
Workshop:  "Digital Feminisms at Work in the Classroom" (May 2, 12pm, DHi @ CJ); Co-Sponsor: Women’s Studies Dept.


Fall 2013

DHi Speaker Series Fall 2013

Date: Wednesday, 9 October 2013
Event: The Digital Witness Symposium
Speakers: Susana Ruiz (USC) & Angel David Nieves, Ph.D. (Hamilton)
Location: Hamilton College
Bldg/Room: KRJH 127
Time: 7pm
Sponsored by a grant from the CNY Humanities Corridor with additional support from Hamilton College, Syracuse University and Colgate University. 
(Light refreshments will be provided.)
The fourth Digital Witness Symposium will be dedicated to exploring how human rights media have embraced the opportunities opened up by virtual environments, geo-mapping and serious games.  The two speakers at the symposium will be Angel David Nieves (Hamilton College) who will discuss the various digital projects he has co-developed about Soweto, South Africa (including the interactive environment/serious game prototype, Soweto '76 3D) and Susana Ruiz (University of Southern California), who will discuss the serious games she has developed, including the award winning Darfur is Dying and Finding Zoe.
(The Digital Witness Symposium continues at Syracuse University on Thurs., Oct. 10)
Date: Monday, 21 October 2013
Lecture: Dr. Lynne Siemens (UVic), “Strategies for International Collaboration in the Digital Humanities”
Location: Hamilton College
Bldg/Room: KRJH 101
Time: 4:10pm
(Light refreshments will be provided.)
Date: Tuesday, 22 October 2013
Workshop: Dr. Lynne Siemens (UVic), “Workflows for Implementing International Collaborations in the Digital Humanities”
Location: Hamilton College
Bldg/Room: DHi CJ 102
Time: 12:00-1:00pm
(Lunch will be served buffet style in the CJ Atrium.)
Date: Monday, 11 November 2013
Lecture: Dr. Alyson Gill (ASU), "Using 3D Tools to Make a Case for the ‘Women's Bath’ in Classical Antiquity”
Location: Hamilton College Bldg/Room: KRJH 127
Time: 4:10pm
Co-Sponsor: Art History Department
(Light refreshments will be provided.)
Date: Monday, 11 November 2013
Workshop: Dr. Alyson Gill (ASU), "Beyond the Mississippi: Heritage Sites in the Arkansas Delta"
Location: Hamilton College Room: DHi @ CJ
Time: 12:00-1:00pm
Co-Sponsor: Art History Department
(Lunch will be served buffet style.)
Workshop: “Beyond the Mississippi: Heritage Sites in the Arkansas Delta”
"Now when I had mastered the language of this water and had come to know every trifling feature that bordered the great river as familiarly as I knew the letters of the alphabet, I had made a valuable acquisition. But I had lost something, too. I had lost something which could never be restored to me while I lived. All the grace, the beauty, the poetry had gone out of the majestic river!" ~Mark Twain, Life on the Mississippi
Mark Twain's commentary on how even the most thrilling sights can become commonplace with familiarity is a poignant one as we are surrounded by heritage sites in the Arkansas Delta region that often go unnoticed by those of us who live here. In this workshop I will demonstrate how the 3D online models of ASU Heritage Sites housed in Second Life, OpenSim, and Unity virtual environments are used as models of engagement in a variety of contexts. Focusing on our 3D models of the Lakeport Plantation, the Hemingway-Pfeiffer studio, and the "lost" town of Napoleon, Arkansas, I will then discuss issues that we have faced in importing these sites into virtual environments, as well as differences between Unity and OpenSim and Second Life MUVEs, placing these issues into the broader context of best practices for the modeling of cultural heritage sites.