Apple & Quill: Ekphrasis Workshop by Kimberly Williams and Photographs by DK Lee '17

DK Lee '17 is from Seoul, South Korea. He has produced and published works in photography, social media, graphic art, and instructional technology. He has worked as a freelance photographer for the Hamilton Communications Office and produced photographs focusing on life on the hill. This is DK’s first photography exhibition to the public.

Kimberly Williams, Associate Director at the Days Massolo Center, was born in Concord, New Hampshire and later moved to Frankfurt, Germany, as her father served in the Air Force. After earning her undergraduate degree from Virginia Tech, Kimberly worked as a home-based clinician for young women and later became an overnight counselor at a domestic violence shelter. In 2012, Kimberly earned her M.F.A. in poetry from Cornell University, where she taught such courses as It is Black in Outer Space, focusing on Black science fiction and True Stories on Women regarding feminist memoirs. Her hobbies and interests include music, hiking and, of course, writing.

The prompts used as inspiration for the found poem writing exercise are:
  1. The last time I felt joy was...
  2. What can you catch on your eyelashes?
  3. My first kiss was...
  4. Memory is...
  5. Favorite season...
  6. What grieves?
  7. What can you catch on your tongue?
  8. What does the night steal?
  9. What animal embodies you?
  10. Describe your caretaker's kitchen?
  11. Describe your hands
  12. What can you see that others cannot?


Examples of ekphrastic work: Landscape with the Fall of Icarus by Peter Bruegel ( and O Daedalus, Fly Away Home by Robert E. Hayden (!/20583486)

The Joker ( and Origin of Memory by Gary Jackson (

Alex Rihm

Research & First Year Experience Librarian, Hamilton College

Alex Rihm serves Hamilton's first year students and the faculty who teach them in her work as Research and First Year Experience Librarian; she also provides support to the Hispanic Studies and Latin American Studies departments. Her professional interests include information literacy instruction and assessment.  Alex holds her MLIS from the University of Washington in Seattle and BA degrees in International Affairs and Hispanic Studies from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR.