DHi Speaker Series: Eric Poehler: "The Virtual Research Environment: the View from/within Pompeii"

Dr. Eric Poehler, Associate Professor,  (Classics/UMass-Amherst) Co-sponsors: Cinema & Media Studies Program; American Studies Program 

Lecture: “The Virtual Research Environment: The View from/within Pompeii”

March 6 @ 4:10pm in Red Pit, KRJH 127 — Light refreshments will be provided.

Laser scanning and LIDAR, photogrammetry, personal infrared scanners, and 3D modeling software are all making more and more of ancient Pompeii accessible to those not regularly on site. Increasing accessibility and fidelity of this virtual world, however, creates as many new challenges as opportunities. When the metaphorical rubber meets the virtual road, archaeologists must create not only ways to apply traditional and innovative research methods within VR environments, but also devise the ways to deploy the results in analyses, interpretations, and arguments. This talk explores examples of those issues encountered in pursuit of a richer understanding of Roman architecture an traffic.

Workshop: "Between best practice and worst case-scenario: the moving target of DH methods"

March 7 @ Noon, DHi @ CJ102 — Lunch will be provided.


Bio: Eric Poehler is an Associate Professor of Classics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  His research interests include Greek and Roman Archaeology and archaeological theory and method. He is the co-director of the “Pompeii Quadriporticus Project,” an archaeological investigation of one of the largest monumental structures in Pompeii, in which he employs non-invasive methodologies and cutting-edge research technologies.  Poehler has a long involvement in the digital humanities, beginning in 2001 as part of The Pompeii Forum Project’s work with the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities at the University of Virginia. Most recently, Poehler has founded the Pompeii Bibliography and Mapping Project, an online resource for Pompeian scholarship.