DHi's Second Mellon Grant

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded Hamilton College a second grant for $800,000 in support of the Digital Humanities Initiative (DHi), a research and teaching collaboration in which new media and computing technologies are used to promote humanities-based research, scholarship, and teaching – including curriculum development – across the liberal arts.

Digital Witness Symposium

The Digital Witness Symposium invites cutting-edge mediamakers, programmers and scholars to discuss how the changing digital ecology is opening up new opportunities and challenges for human rights media. This year’s symposium explores how human rights activism is increasingly turning to digital games and interactive media as a strategy for engaging new audiences.

Doran Larson's Essay in The Atlantic

DHi faculty fellow Doran Larson (American Prison Writing Archive or APWA) published an essay, "Why Scandinavian Prisons Are Superior," in "The Atlantic" on-line that should be read by those of us concerned with the American prison-industrial complex. Perhaps we could learn something from other countries?
(See full post for the downloadable article.)

DHi Speaker Series 2013-2014 Schedule

We're excited to announce the first dates for the upcoming Fall 2013 Speaker Series, with the full schedule so far available now in our Events section. This year's theme is titled "Women, Feminism, and Digital Humanities," and features guest speakers including Susana Ruiz (USC) and Dr. Lynne Siemens (UVic). Continue to the full article for more details.