DHi Speaker Series 2013-2014 Schedule

We're excited to announce the first dates for the upcoming Fall 2013 Speaker Series, with the full schedule so far available now in our Events section.  This year's theme is titled "Women, Feminism, and Digital Humanities," and features guest speakers including Susana Ruiz (USC) and Dr. Lynne Siemens (UVic).

A first glance at the schedule can be found below.  Please check the Speaker Series 2013-2014 Schedule page for the latest official schedule, and be sure to subscribe to our Speaker Series RSS Feed to stay up to date!

DHi Speaker & Lecture Series Theme 2013-2014: “Women, Feminism and Digital Humanities"

DHi Lecture & Workshop Series 2013-2014
“Women, Feminism and Digital Humanities"

Fall 2013

Monday, October 21st 2013
Lecture: Strategies for International Collaboration in the Digital Humanities
Dr. Lynne Siemens (UVic)
4:10pm  •  KRJH 101
Tuesday, October 22nd 2013
Workshop: Workflows for Implementing International Collaborations in the Digital Humanities
Dr. Lynne Siemens (UVic)
12:00 - 1:00pm  •  DHi, CJ 102
Monday, November 11th 2013
Workshop: Beyond the Mississippi: Heritage Sites in the Arkansas Delta
Dr. Alyson Gill (ASU)
12:00 - 1:00pm • DHi, CJ 102
Monday, November 11th 2013
Lecture: Using 3D Tools to Make a Case for the ‘Women's Bath’ in Classical Antiquity
Dr. Alyson Gill (ASU)
4:10pm  •  KRJH 127

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