Nieves and Jaksch Featured in the Journal for Interactive Technology and Pedagogy

Drs. Marla Jaksch (TCNJ; DHi Networked Faculty Fellow) and Angel David Nieves (DHi) are special guest editors for Issue 6 (2014) of the Journal for Interactive Technology and Pedagogy, “Intersections of Heritage, Development, Digital Technologies, & Pedagogy in Africa & the African Diaspora.”  Recent scholarship in development studies has highlighted the importance of new digital technologies as tools for furthering social justice while at the same time revealing continued economic and educational inequalities across the African Diaspora.  The introductory essay, written by Jaksch and Nieves, “Africa is a Country? Digital Diasporas, ICTs, and Heritage Development Strategies for Social Justice,” provides a useful framework for readers unfamiliar with these emerging research practices.  The issue is now available at: