Jazz and the City Archive

Over the course of the Spring semester of 2015, Dr. Angel David Nieves and our ‘Intro to Digital Humanities’ have worked together to develop "Jazz and the City," a collection of Scalar-based presentations showcasing the content of the Fillius Jazz Archive at Hamilton College, in an effort to find, recover, and advocate for voices from marginalized communities.  The project's goals are listed as:

  1. To give critical attention to, engage with, and analyze Digital Humanities both as a set of techniques and as a type of discipline.
  2. To engage with technology-based knowledge production through multimedia documents.
  3. To investigate the ways in which digital humanities can promote productive dialogue regarding gender, race, class, and ethnicity.

 This project has come together with the help of:

  • Project Co-Directors Angel David Nieves and Monk Rowe
  • Project Consultants: Janet T. Simons, Forrest Warner, and Gregory Lord
  • Collaborators: Fillius Jazz Archive and the Digital Humanities Initiative (DHi)

You can see the current website, with links to each of the student Scalar books at: http://jazzandthecity.dhinitiative.org