Janet Simons presents on panel at Digital Library Federation

Advancing Digital Humanities and Digital Scholarship at Liberal Arts Colleges: A Consortium Approach to Balancing Innovation and Preservation.  Janet Thomas Simons, Co-Director Digital Humanities Initiative (DHi), recently presented at the international Digital Library Federation Conference on a panel with colleagues from five other liberal arts colleges. Digital scholarship involves approach (research methods), dissemination (contextualization, publication), and management (discovery, persistence, preservation). Supporting all of these facets can be challenging for a small Liberal Arts College, but doing so provides rich opportunities for significant undergraduate involvement within the research process, which has long been a hallmark of liberal education. Five small liberal arts colleges (Grinnell, Hamilton, Lafayette, Vassar, & Williams - Islandora Consortium Group) have been collaborating since 2013 to develop powerful and flexible tools to connect and manipulate information, meet digital research and teaching needs, continue our missions to support access and preservation, and also promote the research and development efforts required to explore new possibilities.  Community notes from this panel are available here.