DHi Speaker Series: Dorothy Kim: "Disrupting the Digital Archive"

Disrupting the Digital Archive
Feb 5, 4:10pm • KRJH 127 Red Pit

This talk will consider the archive story of the Archive of Early Middle English and how Johanna Drucker’s recent book Graphesis: Visual Forms of Knowledge Production, can help us reimagine the importance of interface in remediating medieval materiality to digital materiality. This talk will address digital labor and the (in)visibility of that labor and how that fashions the stakes of the digital archive.

Digital Activism and its Discontents
Feb 6, 12:00 Noon • DHi @ CJ 102

This seminar will discuss the ethics of Twitter and how feminist, especially black and WOC, activism have disrupted and hacked a corporate platform really meant for advertising and networking. What are Twitter’s affordances and limits? What are the medium’s possibilities? Why has this platform’s perceived power in the hands of Black and WOC feminists created such #twitterpanic for mainstream media and white liberal pundits?

Events co-sponsored by the American Studies Program, the Cinema & Media Studies Program, and Hamilton’s Dean of Faculty