DHi Speaker Series: Michael Simeone: "Text Analysis Using Probabilistic Topic Models"

Text Analysis using Probabilistic Topic Models
Apr 6, 4:10pm • DHi @ CJ 102
Digital Humanities and Decision Science
Apr 7, 12:00pm • KRJH 102

Digital Humanities have emerged as a valuable way to combine data-driven methods for discovery with the dense human data found in literature and other cultural objects.  But when the same humanities considerations of linguistic, historical, contextual, and cultural analysis turn to complex problems in fields like education, sustainability, and urbanization, we can realize new possibilities in generating, analyzing, and delivering knowledge.  In the context of the field of decision science, where reconciliation of multiple perspectives into a solution space is critical, digital humanities can design new configurations of data, analysis, users, and desired impact. Digital humanities is not just a method under a larger umbrella of data science; it is a way of approaching data and computing assets that can benefit systems that we design to solve some of the most urgent challenges facing us worldwide.