DHi Speaker Series: Tara McPherson: "DH for the Rest of Us"

DH for the Rest of Us
Apr 23, 4:10pm • KRJH 127 Red Pit

Over the past few years, debates surrounding the digital humanities have frequently queried whether or not DH pays adequate attention to issues of race, gender, sexuality and class.  Some have criticized the field for a kind of technological determinism in which a fascination with tools and platforms can eclipse an attention to culture and difference.  Practitioners have responded that the digital humanities are really a big tent, open to all.  This talk will evaluate these claims and examine how a concern for platforms and tools might actually proceed from a deep engagement with aspects of difference by investigating a range of projects that put questions of justice, ethics, embodiment and memory front and center.

Writing and Teaching with Scalar: An Introduction
Apr 24, 12:00 Noon • DHi @ CJ 102