NEH Institute: "Space & Place in Africana/Black Studies"

Summer 2016 NEH ODH Institute for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities
Space and Place in Africana/Black Studies:
An Institute on Spatial Humanities Theories, Methods and Practice for Africana Studies

5-26 June 2016 & 14-16 April 2017

Institute Website:

The African American Studies & Research Center (AASRC) and History Department at Purdue University and the Digital Humanities Initiative (DHi) at Hamilton College are pleased to announce an NEH ODH Institute for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities for summer 2016. The Institute is designed to offer twenty (20) early and mid-career Africana/Black Studies scholars, graduate students, librarians and archivists an opportunity to think critically about the relationship and intersections between Africana/Black Studies and the spatial humanities. To that end, the Institute is concerned with helping Institute participants to think spatially, to internalize the concept of space, and to develop spatial literacies in their scholarship and practice. The Institute will also advance digital and spatial humanities approaches among Africana/Black Studies scholars. Participants will explore key topics in spatial humanities and will be introduced to a breadth of geospatial technologies.

The Institute is a necessary and critical intervention in bringing Africana/Black Studies scholars into the fold of digital humanities through the critical nexus of race and space. The Institute also prepares participants to view Black Digital Humanities as a way to challenge and transform discourse and activities across the humanities.