Alexa Merriam - Class of 2018

DHi CLASS Scholar, Hamilton College

Alexa Merriam is a Creative Writing major and Music minor at Hamilton College. She designed an original DHi project that fuses her passions for experimental storytelling, spirituality, and nature. Her semester in the Hamilton Adirondack Program has further enhanced her project. In collaboration with Director of the Adirondack Program, Professor Janelle Schwartz, and DHi, she is exploring literature that gives insight into so-called “paranormal” phenomena and engaging with the Adirondack community to gather personal accounts and determine what makes the Adirondacks so conducive for spiritual experiences and practices, -- ranging from meditation to astral projection. Alexa is creating an interactive fiction platform inspired by what she has learned and by her own and others' spiritual journeys. Digital media can best represent the sensory elements of accounts that transcend words. By representing a story in the realest way possible, Alexa aims to emphasize the value that obscure subjects like energy healing, astrology, and parapsychology should have in academia. 

Alexa's reflections blog can be found at: