Petra Elfström - Class of 2018

DHi CLASS Scholar, Hamilton College

Petra Elfström is a Creative Writing and Archaeology double major at Hamilton College. She sings in an a cappella group on campus, and often draws and travels with her family in her free time. Combining her love of art and writing with her passion for archaeology, Petra is now working alongside Professor Nathan Goodale and Alissa Nauman to create a short educational film with the aim to present the archaeological practice of the Slocan Narrows Archaeological Project to the general public in an accessible manner. Though the Slocan Narrows site is open to the public and presents its findings every year at a “public day,” the Project was still lacking an informational film that showed the complete archaeological process of the site, including lab analyses and senior theses and not just the field work. They are now working with the DHi to fill this gap in a creative and educational manner. Petra will work on script-writing, creating story-boards, and organizing the different assets already available to include in the film. In addition, Petra will be helping with filming and editing the documentary. She looks forward to increasing her knowledge of filmography as well as her familiarity with the Slocan Narrows site and the culture that it represents.