The Beloved Witness Project: Agha Shahid Ali and Kashmir Symposium

DHi and Hamilton College hosted Beloved Witness Project: Agha Shahid Ali and Kashmir Symposium on Sept 19 - 20, celebrating the life, work, and influence of the poet and teacher Agha Shahid Ali.  A former Hamilton College professor, National Book Award nominee, and beloved poet of Kashmir and America, Shahid brought to our attention not only a global perspective on poetic language and forms, but also a profound respect for poetry’s importance in the world. The Beloved Witness Project would not have been possible without the generous donation of Shahid’s papers and manuscripts by his brother Agha Iqbal Ali and sisters Hena Ahmad and Sameetha Agha Murphy.  The events of this symposium are dedicated to them and the memory of their brother Shahid. This event builds upon the work begun by Patricia O'Neill, Ph.D., in her DHi research project, the Beloved Witness project

Patricia O'Neill, Ph.D.

Professor of English, Hamilton College

Patricia O'Neill, a member of the department since 1986, teaches 19th century British literature and a college course, Art of Cinema. She received her Ph.D. from Northwestern University and is the author of Robert Browning and 20th Century Criticism (1995) and editor of Olive Schreiner's 1883 novel Story of an African Farm (2002). Her current work includes a biography of Amelia Edwards, Victorian traveler and Egyptologist, and essays on cinema and globalization.

Hena Ahmad, Ph.D.

Professor of English, Truman State University

Dr. Hena Ahmad is a Professor of English at Truman State University. She began teaching at Truman in 1998. She specializes in, and usually teaches Postcolonial Lit; Women Writers; Asian Lit; International Lit in English; Twentieth-Century World Lit; Restoration and 18th Century British Lit; Postcolonial Studies in Lit & Culture; South Asian Lits; Ethnic Studies; Women’s Studies; and African Lits.
Her current research interests are Postnational and Postindependent Feminism in South Asian and African Women Writers and in Diasporic Writers in English.